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Designated Security Duties

Welcome to our Designated Security Duties elearning course where you will learn about the security regulations that are in place to protect the maritime industry and its workers, the different roles that are associated with maritime security, and the security related documentation that is kept onboard. You will look in detail at the Ship Security Plan and learn about the different types of security systems and equipment that are available.

Learning outcomes are shown below:

Module 1 Security Regulations
LO1 Explain why SOLAS is relevant to ship security
LO2 Describe the contents of the ISPS Code
LO3 Explain how the IMO contributes to ship security matters
LO4 Describe the purpose of the SUA and the BMP5
LO5 Describe the objectives of the National Strategy for Maritime Security

Module 2 Roles and Duties
LO6 Identify security roles onboard
LO7 Describe the role of the Duly Authorised Officer
LO8 Describe the role of security guards onboard
LO9 Identify security related documentation kept onboard and who is responsible for it

Module 3 Ship Security Plan
LO10 Describe the requirement for the Ship Security Plan
LO11 Describe how the Ship Security Plan is implemented onboard
LO12 Explain the requirement for drills and exercises
LO13 Explain the requirement for contingency plans

Module 4 Security Systems and Equipment
LO14 Identify different types of security systems and equipment
LO15 Describe how to carry out maintenance on security systems and equipment
LO16 Explain how ISPS security levels affect security system and equipment maintenance less
  • Designated Security Duties Module 1
  • Designated Security Duties Module 2
  • Designated Security Duties Module 3
  • Designated Security Duties Module 4
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever