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Personal Survival Techniques Updating (PSTU)

Welcome to this Personal Survival Techniques elearning course. This course, along with regular onboard training and emergency drills, will prepare you to take the essential actions necessary to abandon ship in a hurry.

You will learn:
How to survive in the water
How to use a life raft to escape from your vessel when it is too dangerous to remain on board, and
How to attract the attention of rescuers from your survival craft

Learning outcomes are shown below:

Module 1
LO1 Explain how to survive after abandoning ship
LO2 Explain how your body loses heat
LO3 Describe how your body reacts in cold water
LO4 Describe how to protect yourself from the cold
LO5 Describe how to enter the water from height
LO6 Explain what to do when in the water

Module 2
LO7 Define the features of a life raft
LO8 Describe the life raft launch procedure
LO9 Outline how a life raft maintains stability
LO10 Describe what to do after capsize
LO11 Summarise techniques to ensure the life raft remains visible

Module 3
LO12 Identify life raft location aids
LO13 Identify survival craft signalling equipment

Module 4
LO14 Describe SOLAS flares
LO15 Describe a buoyant smoke float
LO16 Explain how and when to use flares
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Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Personal Survival Techniques Updating (PSTU)"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 59 months, 27 days