Awareness Courses

Environmental Awareness

Welcome to our Environmental Awareness elearning course where you will learn about the environmental impact of shipping activities and identify your role in reducing the impact our operations can have on global environmental issues, such as global warming and ozone depletion. We will look in detail at the regulations put in place by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and learn about the requirements under each of the technical annexes of MARPOL.

Learning outcomes are shown below:
Module 1 – Oil and Chemical Pollution
LO1 Describe the global environment and our environmental responsibilities
LO2 Define the role of MARPOL
LO3 Describe how to prevent pollution by oil
LO4 Explain how to control pollution by chemicals at sea

Module 2 – Sewage, Garbage and Air Pollution
LO5 Explain the prevention of pollution by sewage from ships
LO6 Define pollution by garbage from ships and prevention methods
LO7 Describe the effects of air pollution from ships and how to prevent it
LO8 Describe ballast water management

Module 3 – Special Areas
LO9 Define regulations for travelling by ship in US waters
LO10 Identify Special Areas and Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas
LO11 Identify the importance of being more eco-friendly
  • Module 1 – Oil and Chemical Pollution
  • Module 2 – Sewage, Garbage and Air Pollution
  • Module 3 – Special Areas
  • Feedback Form
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever